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In Text

  • Author in-text
  • Author-date in brackets
  • Pinpoint page to/from
  • Add a prefix & suffix

In Footnotes

  • First entry
  • Ibid
  • Short entry
  • Pinpoint page to/from
  • Add a prefix & suffix

In Endnotes

  • Pinpoint page to/from
  • Add a prefix & suffix

In Images

  • Add a legend
  • Include in text cite
  • Add a footnote
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Automatic template selector

Our templates have the smarts to check your data and see how to cite correctly

* a pinpoint allows you to cite the pages to/from

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More reference types & formats than other applications

More options, more data, more accuracy

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Custom fact sheets record everything

120 unique fact sheets record all the relevant citation data, and more.
Add your personal notes so you remember what the item is all about.

Source options on EVERY record

The source is formatted automagically


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