Tips for getting to the finish line

Eliminate the formatting nightmare

Be productive. Be smart.

Deliver your passion!

Read continuously

Build your bibliography

Right where you write

Store academic & grey literature; keep notes and add tags

Built in library

Write daily

online calendar
Create a daily log

Add everything to a custom calendar

Monitor progress: daily, weekly, monthly

Plan deadlines

Add due dates to everything

Establish milestones

Use these punctuation points to check the standards of your research.

Monitor progress

Meet weekly

meet weekly

Stay accountable

Add meetings to your calendar

Regular meetings are a characteristic of quick finishers.

Solicit feedback

Gather feedback

Comments, tasks, notes, todos

Supervisors can be added online for quick and easy feedback.

Gather feedback

Structure your document

Build an outline
Keep the end in sight

Create your thesis outline

Online control to order and re-order as many times as you need.

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Source: Professor Tara Brabazon, Dean of Graduate Studies, Charles Darwin University. Read more