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Writing a report with remote team members can be time-consuming, costly, and stressful.

You have dozens of versions saved on multiple devices.
You lose changes. No-one knows if Barry has done his bit.
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The night before your report is due you’re up until midnight reformatting all the headings and bullet points.

It’s a serious waste of your time.

The only online writing tool developed specifically for collaborative writing in teams.


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Workflow in status mode

Keep everyone on track

Manage your project with inbuilt productivity tools

Set tasks, set deadlines, set word counts – and get it done smoothly and easily.

Apply preset styles

Set your own branded style guide with one click, or activate a common standard

Save hours on fiddly reformatting.

Preset style
collaborate online

Use one version

Real-time cloud-based collaboration means everyone is working on the latest version

Eliminate version control with real-time saving; everyone working together.

Make remote work feel natural

Work with team members as though you’re in the same room

Eliminate phone tag and get it done from anywhere, any time.
Chat and comment online, assign and track tasks, and write together or apart.

collaborate online

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