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Rich print-ready features

Produce books or reports fit for publishing using a wide range of print-ready features.

Custom formatting

Custom formatting

You choose how your document looks. Apply five types of pre-set paragraphs, numbered and unnumbered headings, titles, or captions.

Seamless collaboration

Everyone sees the same version, at the same time, and can work on the together in real-time. Use a familiar WYSIWYG editor, with chat or comments to collaborate. Everything saved to the cloud.

Seamless collaboration

Plan your writing

Plan introduction, key points, arguments, conclusions. Track tasks with a custom pinboard.

Progress monitoring

Add word count, set status, add due dates; reorder sections or chapters. Keep your work moving forward.

Progress monitoring
Long documents

Long documents: easy-as

Add as many sections as you need for front matter, body, back matter; re-order anytime.

Smart editing

Create your own distraction free writing environment by hiding unwanted icons and menus; access a wide range of pre-set editing tools.

Smart editing
Export options

Publishing options

Whether your self-publishing, writing for school, or providing files for print-on-demand, we have the export options you need.

Write essays, novels, non-fiction, reports, documents, and other publications.

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