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A flexible and innovative writing platform for students.

“…writing is a tool for learning – if we teach students to write well,
we assist their learning in all areas of the curriculum.” (McLean 2021)

The easy way to motivate students to be creative and innovative.

“Given so many of our students find writing challenging, improving how we approach instruction must be a priority to positively affect students’ abilities and outcomes…” (McLean 2021)

REIP the benefits

Create lesson plans that work

Add sections for: Reading lists, Instructions, Examples, Practice.

Print ready features
Manage status

Provide great instruction

Customize the planner or pinboard

Set tasks, provide templates, get students writing.

Motivate students to write

Easy to use writing tools make writing a breeze

Fun tools: image editing, emoji, icons, pinboard, planner.
Chat within the document, share ideas and content, assign and track tasks, and write together or apart.

easy to use

Post to a blog

Students can publish to a private blog

Teacher and peer feedback on a blog via

Feedback can be easy

Add feedback during writing or on a published blog.

Chat on line, add comments; include emoji and other icons to make feedback fun.

Smart editing
Teacher plan

Discover all the agile collaboration tools waiting inside.

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