In ComWriter, you do not need to know how to format a citation in your discipline style (e.g., APA, Harvard, Chicago); all you have to do is Add the resource, and Insert a link to the resource in your text, and ComWriter will do all the formatting for you. Follow these easy steps:

  1. On the Research tab: Add your reference/resource using ‘Add’ or ‘Find’ 
  2. On the Projects tab, Start a New Project
    1. Open your project
    2. Activate the cursor inside a paragraph
    3. Click ‘Insert citation’ (see 1 on image below)
    4. Select the resource you added
    5. Customize the resource, as required
      1. Add a citation prefix (e.g., see, refer, as cited in)
      2. Pinpoint a Page number or Page span of numbers, if required
      3. Add a citation suffix, if required (e.g., as an example)
      4. Include ‘Author in text’, if required, and use the drop list to add a ‘s, or ‘ to the last author’s name, if required 
    6. Click Insert and a blue (ref) tag will appear in your paragraph (see 2 on image below)
    7. Click on the blue tag and you can see what resource you have added. You can also edit the citation, or add anotherresource, if required (see 1 on image below)
    8. When you export your project, the citation will be automatically formatted based on the style you chose when you started the project

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