All text formatting is done using a Style Guide. There are a range of fonts available for your headings, paragraphs, lists or quotes.

Currently, any format changes made to any writing object will be applied to ALL writing objects in that section (i.e., cover, preliminaries, Body, Addenda). This keeps your output looking consistent and professional.

If you need a specific style for a single object, try customizing ‘Heading 5’ and use that. Typically, most writing projects don’t need 5 levels of heading, so this one is a ‘spare’, and can be used as you require.

You can create as many Style Guides as you like and apply a Style Guide to a project as you export it (create your output). All writing objects (including, smart lists) can be formatted in the Style Guide.

If you need any fonts that we don’t have loaded, please submit a feature request by contacting the Support Desk.