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The only writing editor with built-in project management.

Workflow Tracking

Keep your writing on time with inbuilt pipeline management, workflow monitoring, and progress reporting. Use kanban, calendar, agile processes, word count tracker, comments, and chat.

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Multiple sections

Ready-to-go books or reports: no designer needed

Produce books or reports fit for publishing using your chosen style and format.

Custom formatting

You choose how your document looks. Apply five types of pre-set paragraphs, numbered and unnumbered headings, titles, or captions.

Pre-set styles
milestone management

Check in on progress

Collaborators can work on different sections of the document simultaneously. Restrict access to certain sections for confidentiality or efficiency.

Roll back time

View the history slider to see what has changed – every character ever typed can be tracked. Roll back to any previous version easily.

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Chat online

Work remotely, as though you’re there together

Everyone sees the same version and can work on the same version, in real-time. Use a WYSIWYG editor, with chat or comments to collaborate on cloud-based software.

Share and reuse resources

Upload and share approved images, charts, and diagrams; with captions.

List research material

The easy way to collaborate on books, reports, documents, and other publications.

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