How do I add images?

Images can be added to a project using the + ‘Add to outline’ menu. 

Add resource:

  1. Images must be added to Resources first, this will allow you to re-use images in a range of projects
  2. Go to Resources > Add Resource
  3. Select Images, then the format (Table, Picture, Figure, etc.)
  4. Add the Running title, Title and other details (only in required)
  5. Upload the file: only PNG, JPEG, GIF files are accepted
  6. NOTE: Tables must be imported as image files.

In the writing editor:

  1. + Image adds an image icon
  2. Click on the image icon then click Choose image
  3. All your images will be displayed. Select the image you require
  4. Select the settings (size), change the Running title and Title, if you desire
  5. Click Update

Add a Legend (or Image Source):

  1. Click on the image thumbnail
  2. Click Add Legend
  3. Add footnote text and/or Add Reference to a resource (i.e., the source of your image if it is not your own)
  4. Click Insert


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