The fonts you see in the writing editor have been set in the Style Guide you are using. The Style Guide you choose has the fonts set based on pre-defined style requirements. Typical academic fonts are:

  • Paragraph & Lists: Times New Roman, double line spacing, 12 pt
  • Headings: Arial, double line spacing,with varying sizes depending on the heading level (1-5)

These have been saved in the pre-defined style already.


To change a font, means changing the Style Guide. To customize a style guide:

  1. Click on the ‘Options’ menu on the left-hand side of the writing object
  2. Select ‘Format’ and a menu will appear
  3. Make the changes
  4. Click Save as new to create a custom Style Guide, or if you have done this already, click Save. Note: a ‘Custom style guide’ needs to be maintained by you. If you need assistance, please contact the Support Desk.


  1. Currently, any format changes made to any writing object will be applied to ALL writing objects in that section (i.e., cover, preliminaries, body, addenda). This keeps your output looking consistent and professional.
  2. If you need a specific style for a single object, try customizing ‘Heading 5’ and use that. Typically, most writing projects don’t need 5 levels of heading, so this one is a ‘spare’, and can be used as you require.