We have been asked many times about comparing other products with ComWriter. While we are a bit biased (!) here is a list of the differences.

Positives for Scrivener:

  • Offline writing
  • Notes
  • Cork-board view

Negatives for Scrivener:

  • No in-built bibliographic tool
  • Formatting is done as you write
  • It is a bit technical to ‘compile’ output
  • No collaboration

Here is a quick comparison of the differences.

Positives for ComWriter:

  • Bibliographic tool built in, complete with importing data from WorldCat, CrossRef & Wikipedia
  • Style Guides are custom and more accurate than tools like Zotero, Endnote
  • Write online
  • Format all your text with one click of the mouse to any style guide
  • Maintain custom style guides

Negatives for ComWriter (on our to do list):

  • Preview of style (due Dec-2015)
  • Notes (due Jan-2016)
  • Collaboration (due Jan-2016)