In ComWriter, you do not need to know how to format a citation in your discipline style (e.g., APA, Harvard, Chicago); all you have to do is Add the resource, and Insert the resource into your text, and ComWriter will do all the formatting for you. Follow these easy steps:

Create a stand-alone bibliography:

On the Library tab:

  1. Add a Project (if you don’t already have one) by clicking + Add Project 
  2. Add your references/resources using ‘Add Resource‘ function, and remember to click the check box (on the bottom of the form) ‘Add to project’ by selecting your Project name
  3. Click ‘Export Bibliography‘ and select the Project name and the Style (styles already added to My styles will be listed) you would like to export in and click Export
  4. Your bibliography will be placed in your Downloads file

Create a bibliography in your project:

On the Projects tab: 

  1. Open your project, or Start a new project
  2. Click ‘Addenda’ (because bibliographies usually go in the back matter)
  3. Open the Add menu and select ‘Smart List’
  4. Select the list ‘References’
  5. Select option: either the ‘Bibliography’ or the ‘Cited Resources’ 
  6. Click Add and a blue Smart List Marker will be added to your project outline
  7. When you export your project, the resources associated with your project will be automatically added to the Bibliography in the style you chose when you started your project, and positioned exactly where you added the smart list. Remember to add a Heading.

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