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Feature Overview.

How it works

Deadline Tracker

Project due dates recorded in the calendar.
Progress against target instantly updated.
Monitor the flow of work.
Deadline tracker
Formatting wizard

Formatting Wizard

Set-and-forget formatting.
Fully customizable or use common styles.
Instant numbering and auto save.

Smart Editor

Quick to apply text effects.
Quickly add lists or numbered paragraphs.
Change to any of 15 pre-set headings.
Smart editor

Quick Citations

Link library material into your writing.
In-Text, footnotes, endnotes.
Swap styles instantly.

Fetch It Please

Academic articles, conference papers, and more.
Books online. Url metadata.
Clever fact sheets for every resource.
Fetch it pls


Tasks / Resources/ Notes
Pin a card, Pin a sticky note
Customize the columns


Plan your writing with guided help:
Introduction, Key Points, Paragraph, Summary
Collaborate real time

Real-time collaboration

Who’s online now.
Chat online. Add messages.
Invite colleagues, reviewers, clients.

Perfect Publishing

Several output types: PDF (print or digital), Word, HTML.
Publish to your built-in blog.
 ePub* coming soon.


Perfect Publishing
Flashy embeds

Flashy Embeds

Add a calendar. Video or audio.
Interactive data: maps, charts, tables.
Educational widgets (e.g., H5P).
Web page or snippets

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