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Embrace sections

The ultimate intelligent writing platform.

Project Pipeline

One or 100 projects: it all stays organized.

Section Workflow

Chunk your writing into sections: it all stays organized.

Check workflow

Re-order sections using drag-and-drop.

Monitor progress

1 or 100 projects, keep work on track.

Track status

Track across: ToDo, Doing, Review, Done.

Assign author

Show who the section is assigned to.

Set due date

Set a due date and track in the calendar.

Add word count target

Set a word count target and monitor % completion.

Tag with type labels

Add custom labels to quickly know the content type.

Custom preset

Apply a custom branded preset for consistent formatting.

Control design

Change the preset pre and post publication.

Compose professional content

+ Media

Drop in video or audio.

+ Embed

Embed a range of content.

+ Snippet

Load a web page snippet.

+ Images

With a range of image editing tools.

Advanced image editing

Crop, blur, borders, add text, and more.

Image captions

Select from 5 preset captions and source labels.

+ Table

Add tables formatted to your preset style.

Footnotes & Endnotes

Add notes easily formatted correctly to your preset style.

Smart lists

Set-and-forget: TOC, LOI, reference list, endnote list.


Insert a bibliography from your library.


Insert a citation: author-date, footnote, endnote.


Insert a cross-reference to an image.

Preset headings

Apply preset titles & headings: numbered, unnumbered, appendix.

Preset paragraphs

Apply preset paragraphs: block, first line indent, hanging indent, quote.

Preset lists

Apply preset lists: numbered and bulleted.

Spelling & Grammar

Built in spelling and grammar checker.


From Arabic to Zulu; we’ve got you covered.

English dialects

Select your English: US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand.

Blind endnotes

Coming soon.

Book compiler

Coming soon.

AI assistant

Coming soon.

Publish your way

Public templates

Public templates

School templates

School templates

Future date

Create content today and publish later.


Unpublish anytime, update, and re-publish.

Version control

Update version: minor, moderate, major.

Private portfolio

Private portfolio: shared link only.

Public portfolio

Searchable portfolio.

Portfolio analytics

Number of vistors and downloads.

Topic labels

Categorize articles into topics

Multiple tabs

Custom tabs and contacts.

Social icons

Add links to your social media.

Export to Word

Export to a Microsoft Word document.

Digital PDF

Export to a digital pdf (hyperlinks retained).

Print-ready PDF

Export to a print-ready pdf.

Publish contributors

Add custom contributors to published articles.

Publish keywords

Add keywords to published articles.

Date published

Control the date published.

Expiry date

Coming soon.

Shared portfolio

Coming soon.

Link published articles

Coming soon.

Collaborate and communicate

Insert inline comments

Link text with comments.

Add independent comments

Add comments as reminders.

Close comments

Mark as open or closed.

Track changes

Track changes and mark ‘accept’.

Chat online

Chat with collaborators online.

Assign writers

Assign writers to discrete sections.

Share presets

Share preset styles to stay on brand.

Share a calendar

Share a specific calendar with the team.

Share collections

Create library collections and share with others.

Share projects

Share discrete sections or entire projects.

Share templates

Co-author templates and share online with a download icon.

Share pinboards

Brainstorm tasks, resources, and other notes.

Share planner

Share a planner to write content together.

Annotate with hypothes.is

Annotate articles in your portfolio together using Hypothes.is.

Invite ghostwriter

Invite ghostwriters to collaborate online from anywhere.

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