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Co-writing government communications can be time-consuming and stressful.

You waste hours formatting and reformatting others’ work to fit strict guidelines

time waster

Team members and management keep changing each others’ changes


You have to “herd cats” to get everyone to do their part

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It’s an ongoing struggle to keep projects on time and on budget.

OnWriteTrack is an online writing tool developed specifically for collaborative writing in teams.

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Steamline long and complex documents

Manage your documents in sections.

Ideal for large government publications.

You can enable simultaneous work on different sections,

or restrict some sections to some team members.

Multiple sections
Go back in time

Track every change

Use the history slider to see all changes from all parties.

No more missed feedback, or lost changes.

You can ensure all stakeholders’ comments and changes are actioned.

Eliminate version control

One version, shared by multiple team members.

Stop emailing around multiple versions with different changes.

Keep one live online version accessible by all, with all changes logged.

Who wrote that

Keep projects on track

All-in-one project management tools with your writing and editing tools.

Much of the stress of co-writing is managing your team members.

You can now keep everyone on track with calendars, task lists, kanbans, and workflow.

Discover all the agile collaboration tools inside OnWriteTrack.

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